We believe that brands are critical to business success. That is why we have a hybrid team with a mix of commercial and creative skills. Iconic brands with enduring appeal are only ever built by marrying commercial imperatives with creativity. And that is what we do best.


Our venturing activity gives us learnings that most other agencies and consultants don’t have. When we recommend a brand strategy or a creative approach we are recommending it because it will add tangible value to the given client’s business. For no other reason.


Brand Strategy

Our starting point is always business objectives. We research and analyse the market as a first step towards developing sound strategic choices for our clients. We test these choices with consumers – both qualitatively and quantitatively – to help make strategic decisions with the key stakeholders.

The team’s individual backgrounds and venturing expertise gives us unique ability to ensure the final strategy will deliver commercial results. In many instances, we take a mix of fees and equity in our client’s business to prove our belief in the project. We believe that shareholding ultimately aligns interests.

Brand Identity

A brand’s identity has forever been of fundamental importance – and the digital era has only added to the list of roles that it must fulfil. We take this imperative seriously and diligently and work towards very high creative standards everytime we undertake a project. Beautiful and engaging brands capture hearts, minds and wallets.

We think about brand identity systems end-to-end, from the first conversation through to the point of purchase and beyond. Every brand we create is fit and ready to thrive in the digital world. A world we understand well from our venturing in consumer technology.

User Experience

Developing compelling and delightful user experiences is a Zag specialism. We have a passion for products and services that work elegantly and effectively. The standards expected by consumers are constantly being raised, and businesses are punished when they fall short.

We ensure that our client’s apps and websites are genuine brand experiences. As well as delivering peerless front-end design, Zag also has a complete network of digital production partners from BBH and beyond to get things built to the highest standards. We are very experienced at making sure the vision becomes the reality.

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