ZAG Ventures in Action


As London’s start-up scene enjoys its time in the spotlight, ZAG are pleased to be sharing in its success. Two ventures, one new and one old, are starting to make real inroads in their respective markets so read on for the latest developments on EGL and Squawka.

 BBH hosts its first eSports competition

If you haven’t heard of eSports by now, then where have been? Having upended the world of entertainment (global revenue for gaming is $20 billion higher than that of the music industry) the games industry has now turned its attention to the lucrative world of professional video gaming.

Whilst many are talking about the future of eSports, EGL, the official network of eSport leagues, is helping to define it.

With a little help from the postroom boys, last weekend saw BBH transformed into gaming amphitheatre all in the name of League of Legends. The event saw 8 of London’s top teams battle it out in the hope of qualifying for the LOL finals happening later this year.

 With a series of events planned at BBH and across the UK if you want to be part of action check out EGL in full flow here.

Squawka named Business of the Year

Not to be outdone, Squawka, the real time data companion app for football fans, have also been winning. Having already been recognised for its technology and simply brilliant  twitter feed in 2014, Squawka has beaten 2000 of the UK’s most inspiring businesses to be named ‘Business of the Year’ in the O2 Smarta 100 awards. With user numbers now hitting 100,000 uniques every day, Squawka continues its meteoric rise from start-up to global football powerhouse.

Welcome to The Kleek – Zag brands new African music streaming service

Zag was commissioned by Universal Music to invent a new music streaming brand for Africa – and to bring the brand to life in an outstanding app experience. The result is The Kleek – Africa’s most exciting digital music offering. The Kleek was recently unveiled to the press in Cape Town on 13th March, at the Samsung Africa Forum.

“The idea behind the service is to do something unique for Africa,” Francis Keeling, Universal Music’s global head of digital business, told Billboard magazine. “So in order for us to generate growth and to provide a service to the millions of potential African music fans, we needed to actually have a service that was built for Africa and focused on African content and music.”

“What we have recognised for some time is that Africa needs a service where the whole industry is behind it and that gives consumers what they want… You can’t simply take an international service and plonk it on Africa and expect it to be successful. The idea of The Kleek as a brand, a service, is that it will provide the kind of unique, experience-focused recommendations on artists that are relevant to the Nigerian consumers, the Ghana consumer, the Kenyan consumer, as well as the South African and Angolan consumer.”


Zag ventures with Squawka – the exciting second screen startup is a web-based second screen companion for viewers of live televised football. It provides fans with unique and highly engaging real-time statistics on the matches they are watching. Using more than 2.9 million possible on-pitch actions, the service also provides a ground breaking live Player Performance Score, which can be used to compare the performance of players and teams. These awesome stats in turn stimulate chat and banter between fans on Squawka’s embedded social platform. They are literally stats worth sharing.

Squawka’s trajectory is already looking very exciting. January saw 400,000 users over the month. And average dwell times have peaked 39 minutes on Saturdays.

The deal will give Squawka access to BBH offices globally and Zag will aid the Squawka management team in marketing, strategy and business operations. Squawka will work closely with Zag to identify relevant BBH clients to enhance their relationship with football fans online. Having launched in public beta in June 2012, Squawka has already attracted advertisers including Domino’s, Gillette and Paddy Power, offering a unique platform to deliver contextual and interactive display ads.

Sanjit Atwal, co-founder and CEO of Squawka, had the following to say: ”This partnership represents an important moment for everyone at Squawka, and for our mission to deliver football fans a unique second-screen experience. The Zag team have not only shown a desire to drive Squawka forward today – but also a clear vision of how Squawka can developed globally over the next two years.” Neil Munn, Zag CEO commented: “BBH only looks to partner with consumer tech businesses that can deliver outstanding success. Squawka is just such a business – as it offers something really special within the world of social TV and seconds screen companion apps.”

Autographer: The intelligent wearable camera

Zag & OMG Plc launch Autographer

British camera specialists OMG Life together with Zag launch Autographer, the world’s first intelligent wearable camera. The product of a 2 year partnership between Zag and OMG Plc, this pioneering product represents a new genre of photography – unconscious, unlimited, authentic. Autographer is an automatic camera that documents your life using intelligent technology to ‘sense’ the right times to take photos. Autographer goes on sale from early 2013.


Playground sessions gains investment from Quincy Jones

Legendary music producer Quincy Jones becomes a shareholder in Zag. This is great news for the venture as Quincy Jones stands as one of the most successful and admired creative artist/executives in the entertainment world. An impresario in the broadest and most creative sense of the word, Quincy Jones’ career has encompassed the roles of composer, record producer, artist, film producer, arranger, conductor, instrumentalist, TV producer, record company executive, magazine founder and multi-media entrepreneur. As a master inventor of musical hybrids, he has shuffled pop, soul, hip-hop, jazz, classical, African and Brazilian music into many dazzling fusions, traversing virtually every medium, including records, live performance, movies and television. Celebrating more than 50 years performing and being involved in music, Quincy’s creative magic has spanned over six decades.