Philip Stein

Philip Stein is a global wellbeing technology brand focused on helping improve quality of life through its innovative natural frequency technology.

In 2012, Philip Stein came to Zag as an established luxury watch company looking to refocus its brand. The founders wanted to place their proprietary wellbeing technology at the heart of the brand to allow for product diversification and growth.

Zag undertook a full scale repositioning and rebranding of Philip Stein which evolved the company in to a modern wellbeing technology brand. Zag crafted a new strategic direction for the brand around the line “Live in Tune”, using it to encompass the ethos of the brand and act as a shorthand explanation of the technology. Zag then created an entirely new look and feel for the brand, and oversaw the creation of a core set of brand assets for re-launch including imagery, a brand film, retail outlets and a brand website.