Our aim is to beat the average success ratio of early stage investments. Our strategy is to only invest our resources in businesses we believe we can help to grow. Many investment houses will promise an entrepreneur ‘smart’ money, but in reality they deliver little more than a cheque. We get actively involved in our ventures – leveraging our skills and our networks to ensure they reach their tipping points. That is how we significantly de-risk the startups that we back.


To maximise our impact, we focus our investment activity on ventures with the following characteristics:

  • Consumer facing digital businesses
  • Brand is considered business critical
  • Share and committed management teams based in London
  • Disruptive models that can thrive in a recessionary environment
  • Capital light business models
  • Exit timeframe 3 years


We believe that branding is critical to business success. That is why we have a hybrid team with a mix of commercial and creative skills. We seek to turn our ventures into iconic brands with enduring appeal by paying close attention to business realities and consumer insights. We equip our ventures with the right brand strategies and all the creative assets they will need to thrive in market.

BBH Network

BBH has built its success from the belief that “When the world zigs, zag”. It is in this spirit that Zag plays an important role for BBH – partnering with entrepreneurs and creating new and exciting brands. In turn, BBH helps to nurture and develop these brand ventures – leveraging its global network of clients and suppliers. The scale and expertise of one of the finest creative organisations in the world can make the difference between success and failure for many startups.

VC & Media Network

Zag has worked extensively with both private equity and venture capital houses in London and Silicon Valley. As a result, we have a strong network of partners who can fund our ventures. Zag understands the market, the investment criteria and how to help build the valuations of the startups it backs.


In addition to assistance with funding, Zag can also assist with the acquisition and deployment of media for advertising. We write engagement plans, identify the right channels and then reach out to our network of media owners. This network is extensive and it is powerful – with many actively looking to invest space in return for equity.

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